Adjustable Bearer Supports

Adjustable Bearer Supports

Adjustable Bearer Support 

Designed for use when building decks approx 390mm to 670mm off the ground.

Setting up a levelling post and bearers for the sub-structure of your deck can be tedious and time consuming. But it's one of those things that just has to be right.

The clever people from KlevaKlip have now released the Adjustable Bearer Support – aimed at the section of the market where decks are typically from 390 to 670mm off the ground. These heights are achieved by using different height joists and bearers.

Built heavy duty and fully hot dip galvanised, with an adjustment for “bottom of bearer” height of 160* mm to 290mm, the Adjustable Bearer Support will save time and make your job so much easier.

* Note: The product has a supplied lowest height of approx 175mm. In order to achieve 160mm, the bottom 15-20mm of the threaded rod needs to be cut off.



Min 160mm & Max 290mm bottom of Bearer Heights


What are the Minimum and Maximum Top of Joist heights for the  Adjustable bearer support?


Minimum top of joist heights using ABS at lowest height of 160 mm (bottom of joist)

390 mm – using 140mm bearers with 90mm joists on top

Maximum top of joist heights using ABS at highest height of 290 mm (bottom of joist)

670 mm – using 290mm bearers with 90mm joists on top

Note– the above information is a “practical” rather than an “absolute” document. There will be a number of ways to achieve the heights mentioned with different sized bearers and joists, however the installer should always be mindful to operate within the KlevaKlip product parameters and relevant joist/bearer span tables.


How to achieve Min & Max Top/Bottom of Joist heights PDF

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Australian Patent 2014100056