Deck Building Products

Deck Building Products

Clever Building Products Making Deck Building Easier!

Check out our product graph below for which product to use depending on your height situation. KlevaKlip can solve your problem from 35mm to 670mm "top of joist" and has a range of low to the ground deck building products making it faster, easier and less hassles to build your deck. 

Decking Sub-Structure Products


Patio Deck Kit - for Super - Low decks over concrete slab/tiles 35mm (fixed). FREP Joist Hanger ( Fibre Reinforced Engineering Polymer) suits 90mm x 45mm & 140mm x 45mm Joists.
Optional Patio Deck Kit Height Adjuster - decks over concrete slab/tiles up to 65mm. Double-Triple & Joist Connectors for attaching 45mm wide joists to 45mm,70mm and 90mm Bearers
Adjustable Joist Support - for decks over concrete slabs 76mm - 220mm.  
Multi-Purpose Support - provides top of joist/bearer heights 180mm - 430mm off ground  
Adjustable Bearer Support - for decks 390mm to 67mm off the ground.  

Decking Sub-Structure Products




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 How to achieve Min & Max Top/Bottom of Joist heights PDF

Check out this intro video for all our range of deck building products:

Decking Sub-Structure Products

PATIO Deck "Kit" (PDK)

Watch our Patio Deck Kit Install Video

Enables super-low decks to be built over concrete or tiled surfaces  and provides a top-of-joist height of 35mm (1.4inches) Fixed.

Being Engineered Aluminium profile won't rot like timber or rust like steel and the strong nylon base clips will last the life of your deck.

For further details please follow this link:

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OPTIONAL Patio Deck Kit Height Adjuster (PKA)

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Now available as an optional add-on- The Patio Deck Kit Height Adjuster, which clips into the standard system and allows the aluminium joist to be adjusted in small increments to a new maximum top of joist height of 65mm (2 9/6 inches).

This is ideal for instances whereby you need to counter:-

For further details please follow this link:

 Download Optional Patio Deck Kit Height Adjuster Brochure

  • Drainage
  • Concrete "fall"
  • Or simply just want the joist height to be a bit higher

Adjustable Joist Support (AJS)

Watch our Adjustable Joist Support AJH45G (Aus/NZ) Install Video 

Watch our Adjustable Joist Support AJH38G (USA) Install Video

The Adjustable Joist Support has been designed specifically to enable decks to easily be built over concrete slabs in areas where limited ground clearance is available. It is ideal for use when the step-down from your door to your concrete slab is between 100mm / 4 inches (minimum) and around 260mm /10 inches (maximum).

There are three types of Adjustable Joist Supports for the Australian & New Zealand markets the AJ45KIT,  AJH45G - both has been specifically designed to be used with 45mm wide treated pine timber joists and the AJH50G for 50mm wide steel or hardwood joists.


AJ45KIT comes with bolts, nuts, washers & dynabolts included.

AJH45G and the AJH50G does not include  bolts,nuts,washers etc. These must be purchased via your merchant/hardware store. For further details please follow this link:

The AJH38G (metrically measured) has been specifically designed to be used with 2 inch wide pressure treated timber joists for US markets.

  • Keeps your joists off the concrete and free of unwanted moisture ingress. 
  • Prevents joist-rot through the bottom of joists.
  • Is ideal for use on area where the concrete has built in "fall" - to provide a level deck.
  • Quick and easy to use – purpose-built for the application
  • Gives a neat, professional look across your deck structure without resorting to various different packers and brackets to achieve your end result. 


 Download AJH45 Kit Brochure 

 Download AJH45G Brochure 

 Download AJH50G Brochure 

Multi Purpose Support "Kit" (MPS)

Watch our MPS Assembly Overview Video

The Multi-purpose support has been designed as a mid-sized support to cater for the “gap” between our “Adjustable Joist Support” and our “Adjustable Bearer Support”

The Multi Purpose Support has excellent adjustability, along with the strength and versatility to be used with either bearer/joist combinations, or with joists on their own. Coming in a “kit” form, it is efficiently packaged and quick and easy to assemble. All parts are fully hot dip galvanised. 

 Download MPS Kit Brochure 

Adjustable Bearer Support (ABS)

Watch our Bearer Supports Install Video

Every deck starts with the process of getting the substructure right - if it isn't properly spaced out and level, the chances of building the deck correctly are almost zero.

Therefore time must be spent on getting the posts or piers set to the correct height across the deck - a job made even more difficult if the ground is not level. 

The clever people from KlevaKlip have introduced the Adjustable Bearer Support.

Extremely easy-to-use, and suited for decks up to approximately 600m off the ground, the Adjustable Bearer Support allows you to be much less critical with your height measurements in the knowledge that you can simply wind the bearer support up or down to set your perfect height.

It will save lots of time and make your job so much easier.  

 Download ABS Brochure 


FREP Joist Hanger

Watch our FREP Joist Hanger Install Video

Finally there is a reasonably priced, corrosion-proof joist hanger on the market.

The new FREP Joist Hanger ( Fibre Reinforced Engineering Polymer) is strong- engineered to last, light weight, easy to use, has no sharp edges, and will not corrode in any environment.

NJH9045 suits 90mm x 45mm Joists upwards

NJH14045 suits 140mm x 45mm Joists upwards

 Download FREP Brochure 

Double-Triple & Joist Connectors

Watch our Joist Connector Install Video

The range of KlevaKlip Double-Triple & Joist Connectors have revolutionised the way joists are attached to bearers.

 An absolute must for every handyman and quickly becoming the preferred fixing method of many builders, the

Double-Triple & Joist Connectors makes the set-out and fixing off of your substructure a breeze.

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 Download Joist Connector Brochure