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Installation Steps for KlevaKlip Patio Deck Kit (PDKIT)

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Note: Each Patio Deck Kit contains 9 x Aluminium [email protected] 1,000mm (39.6 inches) long, 36 x Nylon Base Clips and 9 x End Caps.

The Patio Deck Kit is a simple but effective method of enabling a deck to be laid over a patio area with a stepdown from your patio door as low as 60 mm (2.5 inches) – whilst still keeping your joists off the concrete and maintaining the ability for water to flow under the joists. Actual top-of-joist height = 35mm (1.4 inches)

With the joists being made from aluminium and the support clips from a nylon compound, the Patio Deck Kit will not rot or rust, is UV stable, and can be used in any environment. It will last the life of your deck.


Cyclone or Tornado areas – in these areas, as a minimum you need to secure every second base clip to your concrete with an 8 mm (5/16 inch) masonry bolt, plus all aluminium joists should be secured to the base clips via an 8g self-drilling tek screw on each side of the joist

                                                            ADHESIVES GUIDE

  Approved Adhesives


Soudal T-Rex Power Flexi SMX adhesive

Soudal T-Rex Fast Grab SMX adhesive

Aust / NZ: approx. 3.6 sq metres with joists @ 450mm centres

USA: approx. 35 sq feet with joists @ 16 inch centres

Step 1 - Check for level surface

A good way to do this is to pour a bucket of water over the deck and see whether any puddles develop. For small (under 3mm or 1/8 inch deep) or negligible puddles – proceed to Step 3.

If concrete requires levelling proceed to Step 2.



Step 2 - Apply concrete leveller

Mix a batch of “concrete leveller” with water and pour over areas with depressions, allowing concrete to level out. Allow 24 hours for concrete to cure adequately.

Tip – on relatively small areas it may be easier to just pour the concrete leveller over the whole area rather than being specific to the areas with “puddles”.


Clip base clips to aluminium joists at approx. 330 mm (13 inches) between centres and set out joists on the area. Max distance between joists is 450 mm (Australia) or 16 inches (USA).

Lay out joists on concrete as they should appear in final set-out. For details regarding joining of the joists please refer to Step 7.






 Step 4 - mark spots for adhesive

Mark down both sides of the nylon base clips with a pencil line.


 STEP 5 - Apply adhesive


Move the joist slightly to one side now pencil lines have been marked.

Working a single joist row at a time, apply two small beads of adhesive approximately 6mm to 8mm in height and 30mm to 40mm wide to marked spots. Use only approved adhesives




Place joist, with base clips attached, back onto adhesive – push down with medium force and allow to set.



STEP 7 - Joining of the JOISTS


To allow for maximum thermal expansion of joist, please provide a 1mm gap between joists at ends.

There are two options for joining the joists together:

Option 1: Using two Nylon base clips next to each other.

Option 2: Using a single base clip, making sure join lines up with the notch in the Nylon base clip.






 Step 8 - fixing the remainder of the joists

Repeat Steps 4 – 7 for each other row of joists until deck structure is complete. Double-check that all joists are level before the adhesive has cured.









Allow 48 hours for cure – your Patio Deck structure is now ready for you to lay your decking boards.



STEP 10 - Fit end caps

Gently tap with a hammer or mallet to fit the end caps into the aluminium joists