Patio Deck Kit FAQ

Patio Deck Kit Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I purchase the Patio Deck Kit?

The Patio Deck Kit has now been released into the Australian market around. It will take time for the Timber Merchants and Hardware stores to become aware of the product and to receive stocks. If they don't have stock, they can order the product in from our distributors and have stock within a few days.

Alternatively, if you need product quickly, you are welcome to purchase is via our Online Store

How is the Patio Deck Kit packaged?

Each Patio Deck Kit contains 9 x Aluminium Joists @ 1,000mm (39.6 inches) long, 36 Nylon Base Clips and 9 end-caps to provide the finishing touch.

What coverage does one Patio Deck Kit provide?

Australia/NZ: approx. 3.6 sq metres with joists @ 450 mm centres

USA: approx. 35 sq feet with joists @ 16 inch centres

What is the actual top-of joist height of the Patio Deck Kit?

35mm ( 1.4 inches)  Snap-Loc clip adds 4mm = total 39 mm

What are the dimensions of the aluminium joists?

 1000 mm Long x 30 mm Height x 40 mm Width  x 2 mm in thickness  

When clipping the Nylon Base clips to the aluminium joists what is the spacing ?

Approximately every 330mm (13 inches) 

What height are the Nylon Base Clips?

Nylon Base clips provide 4mm clearance over your concrete /tiled area.  

What is the maximum distance between the joists?

Maximum Australia/NZ 450mm or 16 inches for USA  

What are the Approved Adhesives for adhering the Nylon Base clips to concrete/tiled surfaces?

Soudal T-Rex Power Flexi or Fast Grab SMX adhesive.  

What types of decking boards go best with the Patio deck Kit?

When building decks low over concrete, it is important to use the most stable decking products – the new generation “capped” composite decking boards are ideal for use in this type of situation as the capping greatly increases moisture resistance.

Of the conventional timber types – merbau is an extremely stable decking and is suitable for most situations, however its “bleeding” characteristics can be problematical. Many of the Australian hardwoods are great timbers, however it is advisable to get an opinion from the “manufacturer” regarding their suitability in your specific situation, especially if you were considering using wider (eg 140mm) decking boards.

Are there any specific ways to fix decking boards to the aluminium joists?

Fixing to aluminium joists is substantially the same as fixing to steel joists. 

For composite boards, install as per manufacturer regulations for installation with steel joists.

Note – a great way to fasten (ModWood and Trex) boards down is to use the KlevaKlip Snap-Loc concealed fixing system. The clips can be adhered to the Aluminium joists using Soudal “T-Rex” adhesives, so no screws or nails at all are needed for your deck – then just walk the boards in. The easiest way you will ever lay a deck!

For further Installation details please check out the link below:

 Watch our Patio Deck Kit Install Video

Should you decide to use timber decking, pre-drill and countersink the timber before fixing with galvanised steel “tek screws” (use Stainless steel in high corrosion areas). It's a good idea to discuss suitability and installation with your decking supplier. 

What are the Approved Adhesives for adhering the Snap-LOC clips to the aluminium joists?

Soudal T-Rex Power Flexi or Fast Grab SMX adhesive.  Please note it is essential to prime the top of the aluminium joists with Soudal Surface Activator. Wait 10 minutes before applying approximately 6mm bead of Soudal adhesive to the middle of the aluminium joists.

What type of screws do I use when fastening timber decking boards to the top of the aluminium joists?

Pre-drill before using Galvanised "tek" screws 10 G 30-40 mm. (use stainless steel in high corrosion areas)

What size gap do I need between the boards?

For both Timber and Composite Decking a minimum gap of 5-6 mm is required to assist ventilation.

What are the Cyclone or Tornado areas fixing requirements?

In these areas, as a minimum you need to secure every second base clip to your concrete with an 8 mm (5/16 inch) masonry bolt, plus all aluminium joists should be secured to the base clips via 8 gauge self-drilling tek screw on each side of the joist

What size galvanised masonry bolt or screw anchor should be used to hold down the nylon base clips if required?

8mm (5/16) masonry bolt or screw anchor

What are the box dimensions and weighs of the Patio Deck Kit?

Dimensions Length 106 cm x 14 cm Width x 10 cm Height- Weight 7.5 kgs