Multi Purpose Support FAQ

Multi Purpose Support FAQ

Multi Purpose Support "Kit" (MPS) Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum and maximum top of joist/bottom of joist heights for the complete range of KlevaKlip Deck Building Products?

 How to achieve Min & Max Top/Bottom of Joist heights PDF

How can I purchase the Multi Purpose Support "Kit"?

Via your preferred Timber Merchant or Hardware store or alternatively you can purchase on our Online Store

What are the Minimum and Maximum "Top of Joist heights"for the Multi Purpose Support "Kit"

Minimum top of joist heights using MPS at lowest height of 90 mm (bottom of joist or bearer)

180 mm – using a 90 x 45mm joist – however this is not really a cost-effective way of achieving this height due to span limitations of most 90 x 45mm joists.

180 mm – using 90 x 90mm bearers and hanging the joists inside the bearers is a more cost-effective way of achieving the height as it uses less MPS per square metre.

Maximum top of joist heights using MPS at highest height of 150 mm (bottom of joist or bearer)

340 mm – using 190 x 45 mm joist without bearers

430 mm – using 190 mm bearers, with 90mm joists on top

Note – the above information is a “practical” rather than an “absolute” document. There will be a number of ways to achieve the heights mentioned with different sized bearers and joists, however the installer should always be mindful to operate within the KlevaKlip product parameters and relevant joist/bearer span tables 

What are the Minimum and Maximum "Bottom of Joist or Bearer heights" for the Multi Purpose Support "Kit"

Minimum 90mm

Maximum 150mm

How many Multi-Purpose Support (MPS)"Kit" do I need for my deck?

Span requirements (should be taken in conjunction with your timber span tables as timber spans are often your limiting factor):

What  type of fixings do I require when fixing to Joists and Bearers?  


To Joists: 2 x Galvanised 14G-10 X 50mm Bugle Head Batten Screws or similar

To Bearers: 2 x Galvanised M10 Cup Head bolts, 2 x M10 Flat Washers, 2 x M10 nuts


What size anchor should be used to hold down the Multi Purpose Support "Kit"  

We recommend galvanised 12 mm  x 70 mm dynabolts or 10 mm x 70mm Masonry bolts.

Do I have to use two anchor bolts for every Multi Purpose Support "Kit"?

Yes, it is important for your deck stability to always use two anchors for each Multi-Purpose Kit.


Do the dynabolts or masonry bolts come included with the Multi Purpose Support "Kit"

No, you must purchase these items separately from your hardware store.



How is the Multi-Purpose Support"Kit" Packaged?

It comes boxes of 8 in "kit" form and needs to be assembled. Please see attached link to assembly overview video:

Can I use the Multi Purpose Support "Kit" with hardwood joists?

Yes, no problems.

Can I use the Multi Purpose Support "Kit" with steel joists?

Yes, no problems.

What is the weight and box dimensions of the Multi-Purpose Support "Kit".

Weight 7kgs Dimensions Length 23cm x 22cm Width x 10cm Height

Is the Multi Purpose Support "Kit" galvanised to Australian standards?

Yes, it has been galvanised to Australian standard AS/NZS4680:2006

Can I install the Multi Purpose Support "Kit" over brick pavers?

No, this is not recommended as the pavers do not have adequate structural stability.

What are the dimensions of the Multi-Purpose Support?