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About the KlevaKlip Merbau Clip

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Merbau is an extremely attractive, highly durable hardwood timber. 90mm Merbau decking is Australia’s single most widely used decking material.  

There is no doubt that people absolutely love the look of a timber deck unencumbered by the look of hundreds/thousands of screws or nails in the surface of the boards. Whilst concealed fixing systems have long been around for timber decking, most of the various systems available required either pre-grooving or pre-drilling of the boards to enable the system to be used. This can be expensive, time consuming, detrimental to the integrity of the boards, or sometimes all three of the problems put together

Enter the KlevaKlip!

Adopting the same principle of a fixed-pitch, multi-board concealed fixing system that has been so successful with the ModWood composite decking, the people at KlevaKlip introduced a clip specifically designed for use with 90mm merbau decking. Unlike the “ModWood clip”, which (due to the stability of composite decking) simply needs “hold” the board in place, the merbau clip is a “penetrating clip”, meaning that the teeth actually discretely penetrate the sides of the decking board, giving excellent holding power.

The great advantage of this clip is that not only is it a very efficient way of fixing your boards down, but you can purchase “off the shelf” decking boards that require no pre-grooving or pre-drilling for the system to work properly. Now, that’s a clever way of doing things!

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KlevaKlip "Merbau Clip" is a multi-board concealed fixed clip. Working on "fixed pitch" principle, this clever clip provides a consistent finish that is obtained without the use of nails or screws. As each board is inserted into the KlevaKlip, its "teeth" locked into place by a special fixing tool that is supplied with each box of clips.

This mechanical holding is supported by the use of adhesive to provide a look, longevity and feel that is difficult to obtain with conventional fastening systems - with the clever advantage of not having to pre-groove your boards. 

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Merbau Clip Images MT90G & MT90S

The MT90 Merbau clip is designed to suit Timber Joists including Treated Pine, Kiln Dried Hardwood joists, Metal RHS joists, C Purlins and is Top fixed into the joists. For Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) joists please check with your supplier for suitability. F14 unseasoned hardwoods are not to be used due to their high shrinkage rates. Available in G-300 Z600 galvanised steel or optional 304 stainless steel. Click to enlarge.





KlevaKlip Merbau Brochure

Corrosion Resistance Document

KlevaKlip MT90 Merbau Clip


KlevaKlip Merbau Product Grid

Code Material Type Box Boards Held  Size (mm) Suitability For
MT90G Galvanized 40 6 555 x 60 mm 90mm Kiln Dried Merbau
MT90S Stainless 40 6 555 x 60 mm 90mm Kiln Dried Merbau