Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use the New Snap-LOC Clips?

The New Snap-LOC clips KSL137N for 137mm ModWood XTREME GUARD & Natural Grain Collection Decking and the KSL88N for 88mm ModWood Natural Grain Collection decking  were released in October 2018. These Snap-LOC clips can be used  in any environment including high corrosion areas except for Bush-Fire rated areas.

Snap-LOC clips has several advantages over our traditional metal clips as follows:

Note: The Snap-LOC clip provides different height and gaps to the Traditional Metal clips. Please do not mix the the Snap-LOC and Traditional Metal clips together.

 ModWood Decking Guide for KlevaKlip's

Decking  Type  KlevaKlip Clip Type
 137mm Capped XTREME GUARD   KSL137N Snap-LOC
 137mm Decking Wide Natural Grain Collection  KSL137N Snap-LOC
 137mm Marina Board   KSL137N Snap-LOC
 137mm Flame Shield Traditional Metal Clips KT137G/KT137S
 88mm Decking Natural Grain Collection  KSL88N Snap-LOC


How Does the KlevaKlip Work?

KlevaKlip is a multi-board concealed fixing system, working on a "fixed pitch" principle, that provides consistent gapping of the boards. As each board is inserted into the KlevaKlip, it tightens the previous board, providing significant holding power of the board into the clip. This mechanical holding is supported by the use of adhesive to provide a look, longevity and feel that is difficult to obtain with conventional fastening systems. 
 KlevaKlip Adhesive info


Where can I see images of Snap-LOC clips and Traditional Metal ModWood Clips?

For all ModWood clips

How many fasteners are required per clip?

Snap-LOC Clips

KSL137N - requires two fasteners per board space (8 per clip).

 KSL137N Install Instructions

KSL88N - when fixing to end joists two fasteners per board space (12 per clip) and when fixing to inner joists one fastener per board space (6 per clip)

 KSL88N Install Instructions

Traditional Metal Clips

KT137 - requires two fasteners per board space (8 per clip). 

KT88 - requires one fastener per board space (6 per clip)

 KT137/88 Install Instructions

What Joist types are suitable for both KlevaKlip types?

Treated Pine, Kiln dried Hardwood, Metal RHS or C Purlins are suitable for use with the KlevaKlip System For Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) joists please check with your supplier for suitability. F14 unseasoned hardwoods are not to be used due to their high shrinkage rates.

What size gap does both KlevaKlip's provide between each of the Deck Boards?

Snap-LOC Clips

Will provide a gap of around 5.5mm.

Traditional Metal Clips

Will provide a gap of around 4.5mm.

These gaps may vary over time in different climatic conditions.

What dimensions are both types of KlevaKlip's?

Snap-LOC Clips

KSL137N L 573mm X W 40mm

KSL88N  L 559mm X W 40mm

Traditional Metal Clips

KT137 Top-Fix Clips L 568mm x W 60mm

KT88 Top Fix Clips L 553mm x W 60mm

What heights do both the Klevaklips add to the top of joist?

Snap-LOC Clips

Add 4mm to the top of joist height

Traditional Metal Clips

Adds 3mm to the top of joist height- thickness of the metal is 1mm and the nipples/ridges are around 2mm in height


Can I use the Snap-LOC clips with the Traditional metal clips?

No, due to the different lengths of the clips they cannot be used together, plus they are also difference heights.

How do I calculate how many KlevaKlip's I will require for my deck?

There are three methods you can calculate your Klevaklip numbers or use the Modwood Decking Calculator that calculates how many Modwood deck boards, KlevaKlips, Adhesve & fasteners to be used on your deck
ModWood Decking Calculator

Per Square Meters (PSM)

Coverage 4.5 KlevaKlip's = Approximately 1 Square Meter
Example: 20 Square Meter Deck X 4.5 = 90 KlevaKlip's

Square Meters of Deck Per Box of KlevaKlips

Snap-LOC Clips and Traditional Metal Clips (40 Clips per box) covers approx 9 Square Meters at 450 mm centres

What adhesive is recommended when fixing ModWood decking boards to both types of KlevaKlip Clips?

Snap-LOC Clips

Any MS, SMX or Polyurethane-based MS-type outdoor adhesive is acceptable

Traditional Metal Clips

Any MS, SMX or Polyurethane-based MS-type outdoor adhesive is acceptable

 Adhesives Guide for KlevaKlip's

Clip Type  Board Type Approved Adhesives
Snap-LOC Clips


Natural Grain Collection Decking

Any MS,SMX or Polyurethane-based outdoor adhesive is acceptable
 Traditional Metal Clips

ModWood Natural Grain

Collection Decking

Any MS,SMX or Polyurethane-based outdoor adhesive is acceptable

Note: When laying ModWood brushed side down, best practise is to clean the area to be adhered with white spirits approximately 10 minutes before adhesive is applied.

Role of Adhesives

For more information

How much Adhesive will I need for my deck?

Snap-LOC Clips

Standard 400g of Adhesive will cover approximately 12 sqm of deck

Traditional Metal Clips

Standard 400g of Adhesive will cover approximately 3 sqm of deck 

What type of fasteners are required to fix both clips to Timber or Steel joists?

Timber joists use 8 gauge 25- 30mm Button Head Galvanised screws with a head size less than 2mm or Galvanised Connector Nails 32mm x 3.15. Metal joists use 10 gauge 18mm wafer Head galvanised self drilling screws with a head size less than 2mm or equivalents can also be used. When using Stainless Steel clips, it is essential that you use stainless steel fixings. Use counter-sunk heads if button heads are not available.

NOTE: All galvanising or equivalent should as minimum meet Class 3 coating requirements. In high corrosion areas you should use stainless steel fixings. 

TIP: Time saving benefits can be achieved by utilising Coil Nailer gun to secure the second and subsequent rows of KlevaKlip's into timber joists

Can KlevaKlip be used for screens?


Whereas it is quite common for privacy screens to have a gap between the boards of 12 - 20mm, the KlevaKlip system provides a maximum gap of just 4.5mm between boards. In a screening situation with the wind behind the screen, such a small gap can effectively cause the screen to act as a "sail". This can generate substantial pressures on the boards/screen - in very strong winds, this pressure can be in excess of 200kg/sqm.

Inserting boards into clips at height can be quite awkward, particularly without adequate manpower or stable footing. In a worst case scenario, this can cause significant "tearing" along the side of the board during insertion into the clip, thus significantly reducing the holding power of the clip.

Given the above information, KlevaKlip Systems P/L do not recommend the use of KlevaKlip products for screening when the screen is subject to wind velocity from behind the screen of greater than 40 km/hr, or when the screen is greater than 2.4m in height. In such instances "face fixing" of the product with screws or nails should be done.

Can Klevaklip be used in ceiling situations?

We suggest using only the 88mm Modwood decking with the KSL88N Snap-LOC clip.

Due to OH&S issues we don't recommend 137mm ModWood Decking with the KSL137N Snap-LOC clip.

Our traditional metal clips either the KT88G's or KT137G's are not recommended for use in this situation.

Can I fix both types of KlevaKlip's directly fixed to concrete or tiled areas?

No, Both Snap-LOC and Traditional Metal KlevaKlip's cannot be directly fixed to concrete or tiled surfaces. Battens made from Treated Pine, Steel or aluminium with an absolute minimum of 50mm in height and approximately 50mm in width can be fixed to the concrete or tiled surface to aid ventilation to your deck and substructure. Battens should run in the direction of the fall of the concrete or tiled surface. Avoid closing in any sides or ends of your deck to aid further ventilation.

Can I use Snap-LOC clips in Bushfire-rated areas?

No, Traditional Galvanised Metal clips must be used or if you are in a Coastal area or have a salt or chlorinated swimming pool stainless steel clips must be used.

For further details please see Corrosion Resistance document listed below.

What type of clips can I use in Coastal regions and around salt or chlorinated swimming pools?

The Snap-LOC clip fits all environments. If you are in a Bushfire-rated area Traditional Metal Stainless Steel clips must be used.

For Corrosion Resistance Document

What areas should I use Snap-LOC, Stainless Steel and Galvanised KlevaKlips?


For Corrosion Resistance Document

When using137mm x 32mm Modwood Marina Board Natural Grain Collection what type of KlevaKlip can I use?

The Snap-LOC clip fits all environments or the KT137S Stainless Steel clip will suit.

What Joist centres does KlevaKlip require?

KlevaKlip should be used as per joist centres recommended for the deck board you are fixing.

What Box quantities are the KlevaKlip's packaged?

All KlevaKlip Clips are in Boxes of 40 clips.

What are the dimensions and weights of the KlevaKlip Top Fix clip boxes?

Snap-LOC Clips

Boxes are approx: 670mm long X 135mm wide X 180mm high: Weight: 3kg

Traditional Metal Clips 

Boxes are approx: 600mm long x 240mm wide x 130m high

Galvanised clips including Powder coated boxes weigh a little under 11 kg

Stainless Steel clips boxes weigh a little under 10 kg

Can I use Klevaklip on mitre joints?

No, KlevaKlip is not designed to use with Mitre joints.  

What type of material is used in the Klevalip's?

Snap-LOC Clips 

Engineered Impact Modified Nylon 

Traditional Metal Clips

.95mm Z275 Galvanised 
.90mm 304 Stainless Steel

How can I remove a ModWood Decking Board from the Snap-LOC KlevaKlips?   

Please go to our installation page link listed below and click on the Board Removal Video



How can I remove a ModWood Decking Board from the Traditional Metal KlevaKlips?   

You can remove the boards as long as you have access at one end of the board. You will need to break the adhesive bond between the clip and the board with a stanley knife or similar tool. Next step (2 people preferable) down each side of the board you will see the uprights which hold the board into the clip- You need to prior both uprights apart with a knife, screwdriver or similar tool whilst  lifting the board up vertically. You will need to do this at each upright approximately 450mm centres.


To replace board clean of the adhesive from the clip, replace adhesive and engage board into clip.


Further information about engaging the board into the clips can be found on our web site



My galvanised clips have some rust spots on the edges - should I be concerned?

No - it is typical that some minor surface corrosion appears on the cut edge of galvanised products. The galvanising is still chemically bonded to the surface of the steel, therefore, provided you have installed your clips in line with the KlevaKlip Corrosion Resistance document, your surface corrosion will remain of a cosmetic nature and won't affect the performance of the clip.

Can I use KlevaKlip Snap-LOC clips with any other Wood Composite Decking?

No - KlevaKlip manufactures two types of Snap-LOC clips for ModWood to suit the the 88mm x 23mm ModWood, 137mm x 23mm ModWood Natural Grain Collection, Marina Board and Xtreme Guard Decking as well as one type for the Trex 140mm x 25mm Decking. All Wood Composite manufacturers have different types of grooves and different board thickness in their decking designed to fit their own fixing system.