FREP Joist Hanger


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Plastic?: No we like to refer to our Joist Hangers as being made from “Fibre Reinforced Engineering Polymer (FREP)” – These polymers are used in engineering and automotive applications throughout the world due to their extreme strength and resilience under load. It is not your everyday plastic and will last the life of your deck.

FREP Joist Hanger

Did you know that conventional, galvanised joist hangers are actually not recommended for use in any outdoor exposed environment?

Really – it’s in the fineprint!

Finally there is a reasonably priced, corrosion-proof joist hanger on the market.

The FREP Joist Hanger suits  90mm X 45mm & 140mm X 45mm Joists

The Outdoor Joist Hanger.

Fibre  Reinforced  Engineering Polymer

Corrosion proof

Strong – engineered to last


No sharp edges




Easier to use than conventional joist hangers


Vibration resistant nail holes


15 year warranty


Ventilation ridges for joist breathability


Meets Australian standards for decking/flooring


Patented design


FREP NJH9045 Joist Hanger


FREP NJH14045 Joist Hanger