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90mm Merbau KlevaKlip PDF Fixing Instructions

KlevaKlip MT90G Merbau Clip  

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90mm Kiln Dried Merbau Exterior-use construction Adhesive

How many clips do I need for my deck coverage?

As a reasonable rule of thumb guide, provided your joists are placed at the standard 450mm between centres, allow 4 clips per square metre, plus 10% for “starter joist” and wastage.


For an accurately calculation on your clip numbers, divide the length of your joist (in mm) by 555mm (the length of one clip), multiply this number by the number of joists in your deck, and allow 5% for “tops and tails” wastage.

TIP – always try and design the width of your deck so that you have full decking boards widths right across your deck. The “pitch” on the Merbau clip is 92.5mm.

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Important Information

  • The Merbau Clip Has Been Designed To Fit 90mm Kiln Dried Merbau/Kwila. The Clip Will Perform At Its Optimum For Merbau That Is Sized Between 89.5 And 90.5mm. Merbau Consistently Sized Outside Of This Range May Prove Unsuitable For Use This This Clip, As May Other Types Of Hardwoods (Eg: Yellow Balau).


  • It Is Essential To Read And Follow The Steps Listed In This "How To" Fixing Instruction Manual Prior To Installing The KlevaKlip System


  • KlevaKlip Is Not Suitable For Non-Square Decks Or Irregular Joist Heights.


  • Knuckle Nails At The Ends Of The Clips Are For Temporary Fixing Only And Must Be Supported By Screws/Nails Along The Clip To Provide Permanent Fix Of The Clips To Your Joists.


  • Boards That Are Significantly Undersized, Oversized Or Have Bends/Bows/Warps In Excess Of 10mm For Every 2.5 Metres In Length Are Unsuitable For Use With This Clip.


  • The Special Fixing Tool (Provided With Every Box Of Clips) Is Designed To Straighten The "Upright" Of The Clip To A Vertical Position As It Fixes The Teeth Into The Board.


  • The KlevaKlip Top-Fix Clip Is Designed To Suit Timber Or Metal Joists RHS 40mm- 50mm Or Larger In Width.


  • Whilst The Fixing Of The Boards Into The KlevaKlip Is Fast And Will Save Time Over Conventional Hand Fixing, It Is Important That Extreme Care Is Taken In Installing Your First Row Of KlevaKlip's. This Will Govern The Straightness Of Your Deck.


  • For Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Joists Please Check With Your Supplier For Suitability.


  • Not Suitable For F14 Unseasoned Hardwood Joists Due To High Shrinkage Rates


  • Please Ensure All The KlevaKlip's Are Clean, Sound, Dry And Free Of Oil Or Grease. Thoroughly Remove All Loose Particles And Dust Prior To Fixing