Snap-Loc  for Trex® Decking

Snap-Loc for Trex® Decking

SNAP-LOC Clip for TREX® Transcend Decking


The KlevaKlip Snap-Loc clip for Trex® decking is approved for use with Trex ® registered trademark boards in Australia.

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Whilst Trex® decking has for quite some time had a groove in the side of the board to allow a “biscuit-type” fixing to be used to hold down the boards, biscuit clips tend to be quite fiddly due to having to fit the “biscuit” into the groove in the board and the drive a very small headed screw in between the boards. It is a two-part process as the screws cannot be fully tightened until the following board is laid. Moving from joist to joist fitting and tightening clips is certainly no slower than conventional screwing down of a decking board, but it is tedious, hot work. There must be a better way........


KlevaKlip has been supplying fixed pitch, continuous clipping systems into the Australian decking market for over ten years, with many millions of clips having been installed on decks.

Our new clip, manufactured from High Quality Engineered Impact Modified Nylon, for Trex® Transcend decking, is two to three times faster to install than conventional “biscuit-type” decking clips.

For the decking contractor this means you can quickly get the job finished and move onto the next job, whilst for the DIY-er, your time to sit back and enjoy your first beer on the deck is ever so closer.

Aesthetic appeal - your deck looks great without the distraction of top-fixed screws or nails

Super-fast fixing system - up to three times faster than conventional concealed fixing

Extremely easy to use - almost impossible to get wrong

Non-corrosive – able to be used in all high corrosion environments - such as coastal areas salt or chlorinated pools

UV stabilised to last the life of your deck 
Equally easy to use with timber or steel joists

Can be fixed to the joists with screws, connector nails or by nail gun

Can be used in conjunction with biscuit type clips in rounded and angled areas

Dove-tail joiner ensures there is never a run-out in your deck

Faster to install – whether by screws, nails, or nail-guns


"New" 4mm Continuous Packer

4 mm Continuous Packer has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Snap-LOC clip when screw fixing breaker, picture framing boards or mitre joints.

Dove-tail joiner makes for easy laying.



How does the Snap-LOC Clip for Trex® work?

KlevaKlip is a multi-board, fixed pitch decking system that provides consistent gapping between the boards. The new Snap-Loc clips allow the boards to be snapped into the clip by the weight of someone “walking the board into the clip”. The teeth of the clip flex, allowing the board to insert into the clip, then “snap” into the groove of the board, locking it in place.

Made from High Quality Engineered Impact Modified Nylon, the Snap-Loc clip is built to last the life of your deck.

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4 mm Continuous Packer

Has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Snap-LOC Clip when screw fixing breaker, picture framing boards or mitre joints. The dove tail joiner makes for easy laying when connecting to the Snap-LOC clip.


Snap-LOC CLIP Profile for Trex® decking

Klevaklip Snap-Loc Clip profile for Trex Decking

Snap-LOC Clip for Trex® decking

Klevaklip Trex Clip

KlevaKlip Snap-Loc Clip for Trex® Product Grid

Code Material Type Box Items Boards Held Size (mm) Suitability For
KSL140N Engineered Nylon 40 4 584 x 40mm TREX®Trancend
WPC Cap Stock Decking
KPacker Impact Modified Polypropylene 20 N/A 570 x 40mm 4mm Continuous Packer for use with all Trex® Trancend decking when using the Snap-LOC clip