Patio Deck Kit

Introducing the "New" Patio Deck Kit Provisional Patent App no. 2019903092


Finally there is a product in the market for those areas where there is minimal step-down from the house or apartment block to your patio area.

Primarily consisting of an engineered aluminium extrusion and nylon base clips, the Patio Deck Kit provides a fixed height of 35mm to the top of the aluminium joist

– meaning that a typical decking board arrangement can still be installed at less than 60mm over your concrete slab or tiled area.

With the major components being aluminium and nylon, there is no problems with rust, rot, or “moisture-wicking” from a timber batten into your decking boards, thus ensuring longevity of your decking boards.

The nylon base clips can be fixed to your concrete or tiled using Soudal adhesives, eliminating the need for penetration of the base surface

– tests have demonstrated that the adhesion and longevity of use is more than adequate in all but the most stringent of situations (eg cyclone or tornado areas).


 Enables deck height as low as 55 mm (2 1/4 inches)

 Engineered aluminium profile for extra joist strength  

 Wont rust like steel 

 Wont rot like timber

 Zero possibility of moisture transfer that is prevalent through using timber battens/joists on to concrete 

 In most cases, base clips can be adhered to concrete/tiles with use of adhesives, meaning you do not need to penetrate your concrete or tiled surface/membrane.

 Easy to install for the Pro or Handyman.

 Easy to cut aluminium joist using a fine tooth aluminium cutting blade.


 Faster to install – whether by screws, nails, or nail-guns


 Faster to install – whether by screws, nails, or nail-guns

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      Types of decking boards to use

      Whilst it is up to the individual, it should be remembered that ventilation under your decking boards should always be a consideration

      in building a deck– even over concrete, and even when your patio area has a cover over it.

      When building low over concrete areas, it is best to use the most stable types of decking. The new generation of “capped” composite

      decking boards are ideal for use in this situation as the capping gives a good moisture barrier. Even better is the use of these boards when

      combined with the KlevaKlip Snap-Loc clips (especially for use with Trex and ModWood decking) - the Snap-Loc clips can even be adhered

      to the joists using the same Soudal adhesive, so no screws or nails at all are needed for your deck.

      Of the conventional timber types – merbau is an extremely stable decking and is suitable for most situations, however its “bleeding”

      characteristics can be problematical. Many of the Australian hardwoods are great timbers, however it is advisable to get an opinion from

      the “manufacturer” regarding their suitability in your specific situation.

      "Cost efficiency of using the Patio Deck Kit"


      On the surface of it, the costs of using this product come across as a little expensive – in the region of $50 - $60 per square metre

      – it sounds a lot compared to using straight timber or steel battens which may be half this amount. However, when you consider the Patio

      Deck Kit is a full system designed to keep your joists off the concrete, they won’t rot, they won’t rust, and they will outlast the life of your

      deck itself, you can start to see the value in this product.

      Remember – there is no point in installing expensive timber or composite decking designed to last 20-plus years, only to find that your substructure is

      going to cause you problems after 5 – 10 years, especially when such problems may also have a negative influence on the decking boards themselves.

      How much is peace of mind worth?

      Quick Install Overview Video on 6 SQM  Patio Membrane 

      Patio Deck Kit Shots with & without End Caps

      Take your “hard” concrete or tiled patio Area 

        Add our easy to install joist system- wont rot or rust, whilst still allowing drainage

        Transformed into a premium-looking deck area, perfect for relaxation/entertainment. 

         ‚ÄčTypical "Top of Joist" heights achievable with Decking Sub-Structure Products


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