Multi Purpose Support Kit

Multi Purpose Support Kit

Multi Purpose Support "Kit" 

 The KlevaKlip Multi purpose support (MPS) has been designed as a mid-sized support to cater for the “gap” in the market for decks that are

a bit too high for our “Adjustable joist support” and a bit too low for our “Adjustable bearer support”.

The Multi Purpose Support has excellent adjustability, along with the strength and versatility to be used with either bearer/joist combinations,

or with joists on their own. Coming in a “kit” form, it is efficiently packaged and quick and easy to assemble. All parts are fully hot dip galvanised. 

Minimum and Maximum Top of Joist Information

Minimum top of joist heights using MPS at lowest height of 90 mm (bottom of joist or bearer)

180 mm – using a 90 x 45mm joist – however this is not really a cost-effective way of achieving this height due to span limitations of most 90 x 45mm joists.

180 mm – using 90 x 90mm bearers and hanging the joists inside the bearers is a more cost-effective way of achieving the height as it uses less MPS per square metre.

 Maximum top of joist heights using MPS at highest height of 150 mm (bottom of joist or bearer)

340 mm – using 190 x 45 mm joist without bearers

430 mm – using 190 mm bearers, with 90mm joists on top

Note – the above information is a “practical” rather than an “absolute” document. There will be a number of ways to achieve the heights mentioned with different sized bearers and joists,however the installer should always be mindful to operate within the KlevaKlip product parameters and relevant joist/bearer span tables 


 How to achieve Min & Max Top/Bottom of Joist heights PDF
MPS Technical Data Sheet

Watch our MPS Assembly Overview Video

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