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NEW- Snap-LOC clip for ModWood 137mm & 88mm decking Now available


In 2018 KlevaKlip launched its “Snap-loc” decking clip, superseding the metal ModWood decking clips that had been successfully supplied to the market for over 10 years.

Made from a high quality, UV stabilised, impact modified Engineered Nylon, the Snap-Loc clips are:


 Faster to install – whether by screws, nails, or nail-guns

 Easier to handle – lighter and no sharp edges, plus easier to cut (still use tin-snips)

 Superior holding power – 32mm of “tooth” rather than 2 small pointed teeth

 Non-corrosive – able to be used in all coastal or pool environments

 UV stabilised to last the life of your deck

 The feedback from the Tradies has been “Wow – these clips are so much better to use than the metal clips” – not unexpected in our opinion, but nice to hear nonetheless. In fact, even tradies who didn’t like our metal clips are converts to the Snap-Loc clips.

So the common question we now hear question is – “Is there a time when I should use the metal clips?”

The answer is – “Yes – for the time being, we still recommend using the metal clips in bushfire areas”. Note – we are working on developing a fire-rated Nylon clip which will likely render the metal clips completely obsolete, however this is still work in progress as at early 2019.

In all other areas we recommend the Snap-Loc clips as being the best clip to use.


Watch our Snap-LOC KSL137N Clip Installation

Watch our Snap-LOC KSL88N Clip Installation

KSL137N Snap-LOC Clip

How does the KlevaKlip ModWood clip work?

KlevaKlip is a multi-board concealed fixing system, working on a "fixed pitch" principle, that provides consistent gapping of the boards. As each board is inserted into the KlevaKlip, it tightens the previous board, providing significant holding power of the board into the clever clip.

This mechanical holding is supported by the use of adhesive ClickHere ( for KlevaKlip Adhesive system information) to provide a look, longevity and feel that is difficult to obtain with conventional fastening systems. 

Snap-LOC Clip for ModWood XTREME GUARD &Natural Grain Collection (NGC) Decking







 KlevaKlip Snap-LOC Clip Brochure

 ModWood Decking Calculator

 ModWood XTREME GUARD Brochure

 ModWood NGC Brochure

Timed Comparison Video Installing KlevaKlip's Snap-LOC Clip Vs Drill & Screw Fixing ModWood Decking 


How does the Snap-LOC ModWood Clip work?

KlevaKlip is a multi- board, fixed pitch decking system that provides consistent gapping between the boards.

The new Snap-LOC clips allow the boards to be snapped into the clip by the weight of someone just "walking the board into the clip" .

The teeth of the clip flex, allowing the board to insert into the clip, then "snap" into the groove of the board, locking it in place. Made from UV stabilised High Quality Engineered Impact Modified Nylon, the Snap-LOC clip is built to last the life of your deck.

Snap-LOC Clip profile for ModWood XTREME GUARD & Natural Grain Collection Decking (NGC)


Features & Benefits

Aesthetic appeal – your deck looks great without the distraction of top-fixed screws and nails

Super-fast fixing system – up to three times faster than conventional concealed fixing

Extremely easy to use – almost impossible to get wrong

Provides correct gapping between boards as part of the system

Dove-tail joiner ensures there is never a run-out in your deck

Can be fixed to joists with screws, connector nails, or by nail gun

Equally easy to use with timber or steel joists

Made from high quality Engineered Impact Modified Nylon 

Can be used in high corrosion environments without problems

KlevaKlip Snap-Loc Clip for ModWood Product Grid 

Code  Material Type  Box  Items  Boards Held   Size mm Suitability For 
KSL137N Engineered Nylon  40  4 573x40mm


 KSL88N Engineered Nylon  40 6  559x40mm

88 ModWood *NGC

* NGC Natural Grain Collection 


Traditional Metal Clips for ModWood Natural Grain Collection Decking.

 Watch our Traditional Metal Clips Installation                        


Top Fix (KT) for ModWood 


The Top-Fix clips are for Bushfire rated areas designed to suit Timber Joists, Lysaght Firmlok Metal Joists, Metal RHS joists and C Purlins and is Top fixed into the joists. Available in galvanised steel or optional stainless steel to suit 88mm x 23mm, 137mm x 23mm or 137mm x 32mm (Marina) Modwood Natural Grain Collection (groove on Edges)

The Top-Fix clip can also be used on Timber Joists including Treated Pine or Kiln Dried Hardwood. For H3 Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) joists please check with your supplier for suitability. F14 unseasoned hardwoods are not to be used due to their high shrinkage rates.

 Traditional Metal Clips Brochure

 ModWood Decking Calculator

 Corrosion Resistance Document

 ModWood Brochure


Traditional Metal Clips for ModWood Product Grid

Code Material Type Colour Clip Type Box Items Size mm Boards Held Suitability for
KT88G Gal Natural Top-fix 40 553x60mm 6 88mm ModWood *NGC       
KT88S Stainless Natural Top-fix 40 553x60mm 6 88mm ModWood *NGC       
KT137G Gal Natural Top-fix 40 568x60mm 4 137mm ModWood *NGC       
KT137S Stainless Natural Top-fix 40 568x60mm 4 137mm ModWood *NGC       

*NGC Natural Grain Collection