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                                       Product Benefits

Building Products
Roll Out

KlevaKlip has started a progressive roll-out of building products aimed at making your deck building easier. The Adjustable Joist Support and the Adjustable Bearer Support are both aimed at decks that are fairly low to the ground – this accounts for approximately 50% of all decks built.  The Adjustable Joist Support is specifically for decks over concrete slabs where the deck-builder has only 100 – 220mm of height to play with.

The Adjustable Bearer Support is typically for more conventional decks approximately 300 – 600mm off the ground and provides a quick, easy to use alternative to the laborious use of stumps and brick piers.

Both products are fully hot dip galvanised and come with well thought-out little features like strengthening ribs and slotted/oversized, well-spaced holes etc that make the builders life just that little bit easier.

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 New! Joist Connector 

 Click Here to see our new Joist Connector Install Video


  • No longer is the joist/bearer interface the weakest connection of your deck.    
  • Keeps your joists dry and prevents moisture-initiated degradation of joists and bearers caused by skew nailing.    
  • Allows you to lay out joists standing in position, simply (gun) nail them off in one operation.
  • Unlike Triple-grip type products, the Joist Connector allows fixing to and stabilizes both sides of your joists to your bearer.
  • Helps prevent long term squeaking problems when used on internal floor joists.
  • Will not rust – can be used in any harsh environment.
  • Made from Nylon 6 Engineering Polymer – strong, tough, good UV stability.
  • Fix with gun-nails, manual nails or screws.
  • Aesthetic design – looks good when the underneath of your deck or pergola is exposed.
  • Can be painted without problems of paint adherence.


Adjustable Bearer Support

 Click Here to see our new Adjustable Bearer Support Install Video


  • Quick and easy to use when setting the height of your bearer.
  • Ideal for use on areas where the ground has a “fall”, to provide a level bearer height.
  • Heavy duty and fully hot dip galvanised ensures long life-span without failure. Locking nuts ensure absolute rigidity.
  • Can be used to prop up existing bearers or floor joists that have sagged over a period of time.
  • Easily used with 70mm, 90mm or 45-50mm width bearers of various heights. (Note – 45-50mm bearers need to be packed out from upright to ensure they sit in line with the centre of the base)
  • Variety of uses include the building of ramps, stairs, post supports, adjusting the rafter support to achieve the pitch on a skillion roof
Joist Support 

Click Here to see our new Adjustable Joist Support Install Video


  • Keeps your joists off the concrete and free of unwanted moisture ingress. This prevents joist-rot through the bottom of your joists.
  • Is ideal for use on area where the concrete has built in "fall" - to provide a level deck.
  • Quick and easy to use – purpose-built for the application
  • Gives a neat, professional look across your deck structure without resorting to various different packers and brackets to achieve your end result.
  • Height of the deck is determined by the length of bolts used.
  • Uses standard 10mm hex head bolts, nuts and washers and 12mm dynabolts or 10mm masonry bolts  "off the shelf" from your hardware store.