About Modwood Clips

(Australian PATENT nos 2007278768)

About the KlevaKlip ModWood Clip

The KlevaKlip “ModWood clip” was developed in conjunction with the ModWood decking company. The “brief” from ModWood in approx 2006 was to make a concealed fixing system that worked well, allowed some degree of expansion and contraction of the board, was easy to use, and had the least possible adverse impact on the ModWood decking boards – meaning a requirement for no deep grooves or significant side penetrations into the boards.

NEW- Snap-LOC clip for ModWood 137mm decking available late August 2018            

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Enter the KlevaKlip!

The KlevaKlip ModWood clip does all that was requested, and is ModWood’s preferred method of concealed fixing of their decking boards. Just as ModWood is far and away Australia’s No.1 composite decking board, KlevaKlip is far and away Australia’s No.1 brand of concealed fastening.

Of course not everyone wants concealed fixing for their decking boards – some people still like to see traditional

screws and nails holding down their boards. However, since the inception of Klevaklip back in 2006, many millions of KlevaKlip clips have been used to successfully fix down ModWood decking boards – considering each clip holds 4 boards (137mm wide) or 6 boards (88mm wide), that is an awful lot of decking boards being held down with KlevaKlip.


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How does the KlevaKlip ModWood clip work?

KlevaKlip is a multi-board concealed fixing system, working on a "fixed pitch" principle, that provides consistent gapping of the boards. As each board is inserted into the KlevaKlip, it tightens the previous board, providing significant holding power of the board into the clever clip.

This mechanical holding is supported by the use of adhesiveClickHere( for KlevaKlip Adhesive system information) to provide a look, longevity and feel that is difficult to obtain with conventional fastening systems.                         

Top-Fix (PC) Powder Coated clips for ModWood (KTPC)

KlevaKlip has released powder-coated galvanised clever clips for the ModWood range of decking boards. The powder-coating makes the clip less visable between the boards on your deck. In addition, the clip has new features such as the knuckle nails at each end of the clip for quick (temporary) fixing onto the joists; smooth, rounded edges; ridges for higher rigidity and a smart modern look.

Galvanised Power Coated clips are Black.



Top Fix (NPC) Non Powder-Coated Clips for ModWood (KT) 


Both the Top-Fix Clip (Powder-coated & Non Powder-coated ) clips are designed to suit Timber Joists, Lysaght Firmlok Metal Joists, Metal RHS joists and C Purlins and is Top fixed into the joists. Available in galvanised steel or optional stainless steel to suit 88mm x 23mm, 137mm x 23mm or 137mm x 32mm (Marina) Modwood Natural Grain Collection (groove on Edges)

The Top-Fix clip can also be used on Timber Joists including Treated Pine or Kiln Dried Hardwood. For H3 Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) joists please check with your supplier for suitability. F14 unseasoned hardwoods are not to be used due to their high shrinkage rates.



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 ModWood Brochure


KlevaKlip / ModWood Product Grid

Code Material Type Colour Clip Type Box Items Size Boards Held Suitability for
KT88GPC Powder-coated Gal Black Top-fix 40 553x60mm 6 88mm ModWood
KT88G Gal Natural Top-fix 40 553x60mm 6 88mm ModWood
KT88S Stainless Natural Top-fix 40 553x60mm 6 88mm ModWood
KT137GPC Powder-coated Gal Black Top-fix 40 568x60mm 4 137mm ModWood
KT137G Gal Natural Top-fix 40 568x60mm 4 137mm ModWood
KT137S Stainless Natural Top-fix 40 568x60mm 4 137mm ModWood