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Using Lysaght Firmlok Steel Joists

New! Using the ModWood Fixing Tool

KlevaKlip ModWood additional information

KlevaKlip ModWood PDF Fixing Instructions

KlevaKlip KT88,KT137 Top Fix Clip

KlevaKlip ModWood Decking Material Calculator

This attachment will assist you in calculating the amount of materials required to install your ModWood decking including KlevaKlips, Adhesive quanties & Fasteners. Please allow for wastage and use this as a guide.

Decking Material Calculator

Using KlevaKlip for Screening

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Corrosion Resistance of KlevaKlip Metal Clips

Corrosion Resistance Document

ModWood PDF Fixing Instructions

ModWood Fixing Instructions

ModWood Flame Shield Fixing Instructions

Approved Adhesives For KlevaKlip

Timber Type Approved Adhesives
ModWood Natural Grain Collection (Groove on Edge) HB Fuller Toolbox Original, Inex>Bond, Selleys 3 in 1, Sikaflex 11FC.

Note: When laying ModWood brushed side down, best practise is to clean the area to be adhered with white spirits approximately 10 minutes before adhesive is applied.

Role of Adhesives

Adhesive PDF Data Sheets

Fuller ToolBox Data Sheet

Important Information

  • It is essential to read and follow the steps listed in the "How To" Fixing Instruction manual prior to installing the KlevaKlip system
  • Please ensure all the KlevaKlip's are clean, sound, dry and free of oil or grease. Thoroughly remove all loose particles and dust prior to fixing.
  • KlevaKlip is not suitable for non-square decks or irregular joist heights
  • The KlevaKlip Top-fix clip is designed to suit Timber and metal joists RHS 35- 50mm or larger in width.
  • Whilst the fixing of the boards into the KlevaKlip is fast and will save time over conventional hand fixing, it is important that extreme care is taken in installing your first row of KlevaKlip's. This will govern the straightness of your deck.