About Multi Purpose Support

Multi Purpose Support "Kit"

Patent Pending 2020900365

Watch our MPS Assembly Overview Video

The KlevaKlip Multi purpose support (MPS) has been designed as a mid-sized support to cater for the “gap” in the market for decks that are

a bit too high for our “Adjustable joist support” and a bit too low for our “Adjustable bearer support”.

The Multi Purpose Support has excellent adjustability, along with the strength and versatility to be used with either bearer/joist combinations,

or with joists on their own. Coming in a “kit” form, it is efficiently packaged and quick and easy to assemble. All parts are fully hot dip galvanised. 

Height Levels "Bottom of Joist"

Minimum height with locking nut – 100 mm

Minimum height without locking nut – 90 mm

Maximum design height – 150 mm


Typical "top of Joist" heights achievable with  Multi-Purpose Support "Kit"