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What is the KlevaKlip Adjustable Joist Support AJH45G (Aus/NZ)?

( AUSTRALIAN PATENT NO 2012261552 - USA NO 14/098253)


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The Adjustable Joist Support has been designed specifically to enable decks to easily be built over concrete slabs in areas where limited ground clearance is available. It is ideal for use when the step-down from your door to your concrete slab is between 100mm (minimum) and around 220mm (maximum).

The AJH45G has been specifically designed to be used with 45mm wide treated pine timber joists for the Australian & New Zealand markets.

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How is the Product Purchased?

The product comes in boxes containing 24 joist supports and 24 base plates.(see photo below) Bolts, nuts, washers etc.  are purchased separately from your hardware store/merchant depending on what height you want to achieve.

 Each Adjustable Joist Support ( joist holder + base plate) requires 2 x M10 Hex Head Bolts, 4 x M10 Nuts & 2 X M10 washers, 1 x 12mm x 50mm Galvanised 12mm dynabolt or x 10mm x 50mm masonry bolt or similar.



              Product How Packaged                                 Product Fully Assembled with Bolts,Nuts & Washers

Advantages of the Adjustable Joist Support 

Span requirements for base- plate positioning for AJH45G (Aus/NZ)


All based upon "continuous span" with joists at 450mm between centre's.  

      Joist Size Recommended Span (mm) Maximum Span (mm)
70 x 45 MGP10 800 1200
90 x 45 MGP10 1000 1500
90 x 45 MGP12 1200 1600
*120x45MGP10 1200 1800
*140x45MGP10 1200 1800

 * Joist span limited by lateral loading on bolts

What Length M10  Hex Head Bolts do you require for AJH45G?


Note: All measurements based on using Galvanised Zenith brand M10 hex head long-threaded bolts.

Hex Head Bolt Length Min Height to Bottom of Joist Max Height to Bottom of Joist Min Height to Top of 70/90mm Joist Max Height to Top of 70/90/140mm Joist
60mm 16mm 20mm 86 / 106mm 90 / 110mm
120mm 18mm* 80mm 88 / 108mm* 150 /170/ 220mm
**No Bolt 6mm 76 / 96mm

* If using long bolts at low heights, to prevent the bolts protruding past the top of joist, the end of the bolt will need to be cut off.

** When Using Joist Support Only.

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