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Plastic? No – we like to refer to our Joist Connectors as being made from “Engineering Polymer” – Nylon 6 is used in engineering applications throughout the world due to its strength, toughness and resilience under load. It is not your everyday plastic and will last the life of your deck.

What is the KlevaKlip Joist Connector?

The range of KlevaKlip Joist Connectors have revolutionised the way joists are attached to bearers. An absolute must for every handyman and quickly becoming the preferred fixing method of many builders, the Joist Connector makes the set-out and fixing off of your substructure a breeze.

Product Grid

The Joist Connector has been designed to attach 45mm width Joists to 70mm, 90mm & 45mm width Bearers


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Product Size/Fit
JC9045N to attach 45mm width joist to 90mm width bearer
JC7045N to attach 45mm width joist to 70mm width bearer
JC4545N to attach 45mm width joist to 45mm width bearer

Joist Connector Installation Video

Installation Information

Fixings required joist connector to bearer:

Fixings required joist connector to joist:

Approved Fixings:


Note: Stainless steel equivalents of the above should be used in high corrosion areas.

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