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KlevaKlip ModWood Install Video

Proper planning of your deck is critical to the final result.

Make sure your deck is even when you lay it out ready to put the boards on. Getting your first boards laid correctly will ensure the result is a great looking deck.

This video shows you the best way to assemble and connect your timbers using the KlevaKlip method.

Using KlevaKlip ensure no unsightly nails or seams will be visible and your deck will look professional and seamless.

Things to remember:

Using Lysaght Firmlok Steel Joists


For fixing onto steel joists, although it is not mandatory, we believe a good practice is to apply a thin coat of adhesive to the top of your joists prior to laying the clips. This will give your joists better protection against Corrosion.

Tip: Putting a barrier between the joists and the clips is absolutely essential if you are using stainless steel clips onto galvanised joists.

Note: The special "knuckle nails" will not penetrate steel joists. Therefore before fixing the clip onto steel joists, simply turn it upside down and simply knock the knuckle nail straight.

Using the ModWood Fixing Tool

Watch our new video on the Modwood fixing tool - it will help you get the job done quickly and easily.

Other useful tips & tools:

KlevaKlip ModWood PDF Fixing Instructions

KlevaKlip KT88,KT137 Top Fix Clip

KlevaKlip ModWood Decking Material Calculator

This attachment will assist you in calculating the amount of materials required to install your ModWood decking including KlevaKlips, Adhesive quanties & Fasteners. Please allow for wastage and use this as a guide.

Decking Material Calculator

Using KlevaKlip for Screening

For More Information

Corrosion Resistance of KlevaKlip Metal Clips

Corrosion Resistance Document

ModWood PDF Fixing Instructions

ModWood Fixing Instructions

 ModWood Flame Shield Fixing Instructions

Approved Adhesives For KlevaKlip

Timber Type Approved Adhesives
ModWood Natural Grain Collection (Groove on Edge) Inex>Bond, Fuller Toolbox, Selleys 3 in 1, Sikaflex 11FC, Selleys Liquid Nails High Strength.            

Note: When laying ModWood brushed side down, best practise is to clean the area to be adhered with white spirits approximately 10 minutes before adhesive is applied.

Role of Adhesives

For more information

Adhesive PDF Data Sheets

Fuller ToolBox Data Sheet

Important Information

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